DJ KW – Roman Kwinta

I was born in Cracow. From the early ages I was interested in mechanic music. I greatly recall my first radio with an amplifier, in those days with a killing power of 2 X 15 W by Amator, which connected to a casette player MK 2500 gave remarkable/amazing impressions at parties! That was the beggining of the 80’s! I ended my dj-contentions at that time until 1993. In 1993 by fortune I became a Dj at a famous place called ‘Piwnica pod Baranami’ (translation: The basement under aries). At the same time I was dj-ing at a different known club in Cracow called ‘Pasja’- ‘Passion’ now called ‘Frantic’ on Szewska Street. In May 1997 I left Poland and came to Chicago. After a couple of months I started playing at XTC night club (now- EURO CLUB), at which I worked for five years. From the beggining I cooperated with radio 1030AM POPOLUDNIOWKA? (afternooner) and Peter Michalak, where I helped arranging a couple of picnics. In 2001 I co-established POLONIA DJ, which was a contest for Polish Djs. I came back to CLUB EURO in 2008 as a General Manager, which I managed until 2010. Within those two years I arranged a couple concerts, including stars (from Poland) like: LOMBARD, JAMAL, GOSIA ANDRZEJEWICZ. However the biggest venture I did was EURO REGGAE FEST party with participation of a huge star, a laureate of MTV Music Awards INNER CIRCLE and MARIKA, JAMAL from Poland in November of 2009. Currently I deal with promoting and organizing parties and concerts at V-LIVE, HEARTS, PRIVET, SOUNDBAR and MID underneath KW ENTERTAINMENT, which I established. I haven’t stopped playing though. You could run across me at some parties for different occasions because music is an unseparable part of my personality/life? and at the same time my great passion from over 20 years!