We provide professional Dj’s with years of experience with sound system and lightning, which we will choose adequately to the character of the party.

We approach each client individually, adjusting to their needs in 100%, we advise in organizing a good implementation of the party for it to be the best and compatible with your wishes.

DJ KW – Roman Kwinta

I was born in Cracow. From the early ages I was interested in mechanic music. I greatly recall my first radio with an amplifier, in those days with a killing power of 2 X 15 W by Amator, which connected to a casette player MK 2500 gave remarkable/amazing impressions at parties! That was the beggining of the 80’s! I ended my dj-contentions at that time until 1993. In 1993 by fortune I became a Dj at a famous place called ‘Piwnica pod Baranami’ (translation: The basement under aries). At the same time I was dj-ing at a different known club in Cracow called ‘Pasja’- ‘Passion’ now called ‘Frantic’ on Szewska Street. In May 1997 I left Poland and came to Chicago. After a couple of months I started playing at XTC night club (now- EURO CLUB), at which I worked for five years. From the beggining I cooperated with radio 1030AM POPOLUDNIOWKA? (afternooner) and Peter Michalak, where I helped arranging a couple of picnics. In 2001 I co-established POLONIA DJ, which was a contest for Polish Djs. I came back to CLUB EURO in 2008 as a General Manager, which I managed until 2010. Within those two years I arranged a couple concerts, including stars (from Poland) like: LOMBARD, JAMAL, GOSIA ANDRZEJEWICZ. However the biggest venture I did was EURO REGGAE FEST party with participation of a huge star, a laureate of MTV Music Awards INNER CIRCLE and MARIKA, JAMAL from Poland in November of 2009. Currently I deal with promoting and organizing parties and concerts at V-LIVE, HEARTS, PRIVET, SOUNDBAR and MID underneath KW ENTERTAINMENT, which I established. I haven’t stopped playing though. You could run across me at some parties for different occasions because music is an unseparable part of my personality/life? and at the same time my great passion from over 20 years!

Dj DannyG

Coming soon

DJ KB Element – Kamil Bartoszcze

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